Weekly Wind Up, No. 4

Since I was tired from getting acquainted with the retreat house toilet on Sunday evening, I spent Monday in bed. Not to worry, whatever stomach issues I was having has long since passed. A blessing in disguise, I was able to spend the entire day reading the first half of The Camel Bookmobile by Masha Hamilton.

It was Route Week at WomenCraft. This is when we travel to villages each day and deliver payment and orders to artisans, as well as pick up products. Meet the ladies of Umoja (“together”, in Swahili) in Benaco!

– On the green side of things, WomenCraft artisans harvest their own materials and we are working on finding eco-friendly dye for fabric and gwaf. I found this article on the Clean Batik Initiative from August that discusses Indonesia’s Batik industry, the environmental damage it produces, and the effort to decrease that. Super interesting, and being a fabric nut, it got me on a Google search for images. It’s like fabric porn. For real!

– NewsAfrica has finally updated its website! Check out this interesting article on the Demographic Dividend of Africa. Median age is under 20–crazy! So how can youth become engaged and empowered? It seems like that should be the question on everyone’s minds.

– I’ve discovered a new blog–The Sales Lion by Marcus Sheridan. In this recent post, Sheridan discusses the meaning of “Top Blogger Lists” and staying true to one’s blogging goals. This talk of goals had me stopped in my tracks–I haven’t developed a goal for this blog other than updating folks at home and abroad on my whereabouts and activities in Tanzania. And that’s just from November! Here are some deep questions:

  • What was I saying before?
  • What am I saying now?
  • Am I just talking?
  • Who am I?
  • What does it all mean?!

Incoming, much-needed blog assessment–watch out!

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