Trust Women Week – Alone: India’s Farmer Widows

In another reference to Mother Jones, I’d like to share a compelling photo essay by Michael Francis McElroy and Noella May Hebert. Entitled Alone: India’s Farmer Widows, the essay features ten black and white images of women of various ages whose husbands have committed suicide because of an overwhelming water crisis throughout the country.

This leaves women in a vulnerable position, struggling “to support their children, working as landless laborers for as low as 100 rupees ($2) a day. . . “

While doing some extra reading for this post, I stumbled upon an NGO called Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative. It was started by Arizona State University alumnus, Heather Murphy, in 2008.

WEI seeks to provide “to impoverished women in the aftermath of social epidemics. . .”:
- vocational training
- micro-loans
- voter registration
- community meetings

WEI’s work further convinces me how powerful developing income-generating skills can be. As I’ve learned during my experiences at WomenCraft, women find not only financial independence through entrepreneurship, but also increases in self-confidence and leadership skills.

Women are, the world over, the future. Pay attention to them.

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